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Water Testing Kits for legionella - a dangerous bacteria

IVARIO offers fast laboratory analysis of your drinking water

Legionella is a dangerous type of bacteria that can be found in water systems, like your shower, bathtub or the drinking water installations. The bacteria can cause a serious lung infection called Legionnaires' disease, which can even be fatal and it is particularly dangerous for people who are older, have weakened immune systems, or have underlying health conditions.

In order to prevent the spread of Legionella in drinking water systems, it is important to regularly carry out a water analysis, as well as maintaining a water temperature above 50 degrees or below 20 degrees to prevent the growth of the bacteria. It is crucial for building owners and managers to be aware of the potential dangers of Legionella in their water systems and to take the necessary steps to prevent its spread, such as carrying out a regular water analysis, in order to protect the houses inhabitants.

Whatever your reason, IVARIO will analyse your water in an independent laboratory and provide you with detailed results quickly and inexpensively, clarifying any potential health threats and to what extent. 

IVARIO’s Best Water Testing Kits for Legionella

IVARIO offers a variety of quality water testing kits to suit your every need. Each water testing kit contains simple instructions on how to collect your sample and includes free return postage from anywhere in the UK to our independent laboratory in Germany.

Water Test Kit | Legionella

Tests for Legionella

Since Legionella bacteria is commonly spread via water vapour, testing all your water sources, such as tap water, air conditioners and showers, is recommended. Recommended for landlords who supply water to third parties.

Regular price£59.00
    Water Test Kit | Premium

    50 Analytes Tested

    A comprehensive analysis of the quality of your drinking water, testing for numerous metals, minerals and nitrogen compounds. Recommended for allergy sufferers and landlords, companies, medical practices and other facilities that provide drinking water.

      Water Test Kit | Bacteria Premium

      7 Analytes Tested

      As well as bacteria such as E.coli, coliform and Enterococci, the Premium test also covers pseudomonads and Legionella. Recommended for anyone who wants to or needs to take precautions.

      Regular price£249.00

        Test the quality of your tap water regularly

        Only a water analysis will bring certainty about the state of your drinking water. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, it is important to test your water, to not only meet the strict water regulations laid out by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) but also for the health and well-being of your family.

        IVARIO offers you the opportunity to have your tap water tested quickly, easily and for a reasonable price. With IVARIO, you can be sure of the quality of your tap water and drinking water wherever you are in the UK within a short period of time. Simply order the relevant water test kit best suited to your needs, take a sample using the easy instructions and return the sample using our free return postage. Your sample will then be analysed in an independent laboratory in Germany, and the detailed results posted online a few days later. 

        Simple. Fast. Reliable. Because your health and safety are our top priority.

        Water Test - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        What is Legionella, and why must it be tested in water?
        Legionella is a bacteria that can cause Legionnaires' disease, a severe form of pneumonia. Testing for Legionella in water is crucial to identify potential sources of contamination and prevent the spread of the bacteria, protecting public health.
        How does Legionella enter water systems?
        Legionella can enter water systems through various means, such as contaminated water supplies, cooling towers, hot water tanks, showers, and decorative fountains. It thrives in warm water environments, making monitoring and testing these systems regularly essential.
        Who should consider testing for Legionella in their water systems?
        It is advisable for anyone responsible for the management of water systems in public facilities, such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and office buildings, to test for Legionella regularly. People with private water systems, such as homeowners with hot tubs or large water tanks, should also consider testing.
        With the exception of the Legionella test, which takes around ten to fourteen days, you will receive the results of your water test within approx. 5 - 7 days. You can view the results online and print them out in the comfort of your own home. If you prefer, you can receive the analysis results by post, free of charge. The individual results are clearly laid out and easy to understand. In addition, we compare your results with the maximum values stated in the Water Supply Regulations so that you can immediately detect potential hazards and risks in your environment. Not only do you find out if your water is contaminated, but you find out to what degree. No science degree required! The results are therefore ideal for submitting to landlords or property managers.
        My Legionella Test is positive. What do I do?
        What happens if the legionella test detects a bacterial infestation? Action is needed if the legionella concentration in the water exceeds the indicated limit value of 100 CFU (colony-forming units) per 100 millilitres of water. Measures to kill legionella depend on the extent of the contamination. For landlords and property owners, the measures may include notifying your tenants and the responsible health authority immediately. Thermal disinfection is the first step in combating legionella. The entire drinking water system is heated to 70°C for at least three minutes. In the long term, sanitation and repairs are usually necessary to kill the legionella bacteria.

        IVARIO is an established company based in Hamburg, Germany, whose mission is to address questions about healthy living spaces simply and for a reasonable price.

        As a subsidiary of the renowned GBA lab group, we are part of one of the largest European networks of professional lab services focusing on life sciences. We bring this expertise to our customers' homes in easy-to-use products. Our customers receive high-quality lab analyses of their water tests, asbestos samples or mould tests in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the IVARIO test kits, anyone can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively detect hazards and risks in their environment professionally - without a degree in chemistry.

        IVARIO offers:

        • Easy-to-use test kits.
        • No experience is required.
        • Free return packaging on all testing kits.
        • Fast and professional analysis by specialists in an independent laboratory.
        • Detailed results are displayed conveniently online.
        • Expert advice, recommendations and pre-and-post-analysis support.
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