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Well Water & Borehole Water Testing Kits

Have your private well water or borehole water tested by an independent laboratory.

Well water has the potential to be contaminated by environmental or material factors, so whether you are a passionate gardener or manage the supply of your own drinking water, IVARIO’s well water testing kits can test the quality of the water on your property in the UK.

Is your well water cloudy? Has it changed colour recently? Does it have a strange smell? Or are you simply wanting to check for any contaminants in your water? Our well water testing kits will analyse your well water sample for any harmful substances, which can help avert any potential health threats as well as give you an overview of the quality of your well water.

IVARIO’s Best Well Water Testing Kits

Depending on how comprehensive you want your well water analysis to be, choose from one of the three well water test kits below. Each water testing kit contains simple instructions on how to collect your sample and includes free return postage from anywhere in the UK to our independent laboratory in Germany.

Well Water Test Kit | Plus

19 Analytes Tested

An extensive analysis of your well or borehole water by testing for numerous substances, such as harmful bacteria, metals and nitrogen compounds. Recommended if you use your well water for drinking.

Well Water Test Kit | Premium

44 Analytes Tested

Tests your well water for heavy metals, substances causing hard water and electrical conductivity. These are all potential contaminants that could harm your plants. Recommended for anyone who likes gardening or who grows vegetables.

Well Water Test Kit | Basic

11 Analytes Tested

Tests your well water for heavy metals, substances causing hard water and electrical conductivity. These are all potential contaminants that could harm your plants. Recommended for anyone who likes gardening or who grows vegetables.


Why is it Important to Test Your Well Water and Borehole Water?

It’s important to test the quality of your private well water and borehole water for their intended use to avoid any contamination that could be harmful to the health of your family, customers or livestock.

Well water can become contaminated if the well is not properly constructed, or if toxic materials are dumped or spilt nearby. It is especially important to test your well water if you use it for drinking purposes. Well water tests can check for iron, manganese, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, bacteria such as E-coli and other germs, as well as measuring electrical conductivity and other values.

Borehole water is often used for watering the garden, vegetables, and crops or as drinking water for livestock. Since borehole water can be contaminated by landfills nearby, agricultural activity, leaking septic tanks and soil erosion, we recommend you test your borehole water at least once a year. Borehole water tests will include both a chemical and microbiological analysis that tests the water for E.coli, Enterococci, metals and heavy metals, minerals and substances causing hardness, nitrogen compounds, salts and esters, and electrical conductivity.

How Do You Know if Your Well Water or Borehole Water is Contaminated?

If your well water has a strange smell, is cloudier than normal or has changed colour (e.g. turned brown), it may be contaminated with Enterococci, coliform bacteria or another form of bacteria. However, your well or borehole water could be contaminated even if it looks and tastes fine. That’s why it is important to have it tested.

Expert Analysis of Your Well Water and Borehole Water

Depending on the test chosen, IVARIO’s expert analysis will include testing for a variety of microbiological and chemical contaminants. Our analysis also includes the level of toxicity of each of the contaminants, and will provide recommendations on how to address the specific problem you are faced with. We recommend testing your well water and borehole water again after you have addressed the problem.

How Water Testing works with IVARIO

We assure that water testing at IVARIO is easy. It's just 3 steps.


Take Sample

Collect your sample following our easy instructions. No experience necessary.


Send Sample

Return your sample free of charge to our accredited laboratories.


Receive Results

After just a few days, view your detailed results online with expert advice and support.

Well Water & Borehole Test -
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is testing well water important?
Testing well water is essential to ensure its safety and quality. Well water can be contaminated with various pollutants, including bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals. Regular testing helps identify any potential health risks. It allows for appropriate measures to be taken to protect your and your family's health.
How frequently should I test my Well Water?
Testing your well water at least once a year for bacteria, nitrates, and other contaminants is recommended. However, additional testing may be necessary if there are specific concerns or changes in your water source, such as nearby construction or agricultural activities.
What parameters should be tested for in my Well Water?
The parameters to test for in well water typically include bacteria, such as coliform and E. coli, nitrates, pH levels, total dissolved solids (TDS), and potentially other contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides, depending on your specific location and potential sources of contamination.
Once you have successfully placed your order, you will receive your personal sampling set. This consists of sterile containers, simple instructions, prepared return material and a collection time to be booked by you. “So you just take the water sample whenever and wherever you want.”
If you have a well and only use the water to water your plants and flowers, the Well Water BASIC is the right test for you. This analysis provides a handy overview of your water quality and includes an analysis of heavy metals, substances causing hard water and electrical conductivity.

You should only drink your well water if it meets the standards supplied in the Water Supply Regulations. The Well Water Plus tests for bacteria such as E.coli (Escherichia coli) and Enterococci, which can be extremely harmful to one's health.

The Well Water Premium is ideal for anyone who uses a well or borehole as a source of drinking water, supplies water to a third party or livestock, or just wants to be completely safe.
For water tests which include bacterial or microbiological components, you place the sample in a cool box that a courier collects. This is to guarantee that when the sample arrives at the laboratory, it is still cold, which is essential for an accurate colony count.

Explore the Depths of Wells and Boreholes

We're here to assist you in learning more about your Well Water Supply.

A Private Well is a Great Alternative

In the long run, domestic well water is an adequate alternative to the water companies' supply network. A private well is an attractive option for households (especially in rural areas) and farms, public institutions and other large-scale consumers of water. Even if the water supplied by water companies satisfies almost all personal and commercial requirements, drinking water this way only sometimes makes sense in remote areas, whether for environmental, hygienic or technical reasons.

Testing well water is important before using it as drinking water

Well water is not Necessarily Drinking Water -
the Presence of Heavy Metals and Bacteria is not Uncommon.

The problem: from a microbiological and chemical point of view, the quality of drinking water drawn from a well differs from the quality prescribed in the regulations. To meet these standards, unique water treatment plants are necessary. Water obtained from private wells can also contain contaminants that have made it into the water through the soil. These contaminants must be removed before the well water becomes wholesome drinking water. Private wells are usually relatively shallow and don't have any protection zones. These are generally responsible for protecting the area around a waterwork from groundwater contamination, thus safeguarding the water supply. Privately and on a smaller scale, measures like this are almost impossible. Therefore, well water testing is recommended.


IVARIO is an established company based in Hamburg, Germany, whose mission is to address questions about healthy living spaces simply and for a reasonable price.

As a subsidiary of the renowned GBA lab group, we are part of one of the largest European networks of professional lab services focusing on life sciences. We bring this expertise to our customers' homes in easy-to-use products. Our customers receive high-quality lab analyses of their water tests, asbestos samples or mould tests in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the IVARIO test kits, anyone can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively detect hazards and risks in their environment professionally - without a degree in chemistry.

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